Friday, 4 September 2015

Joining the Dots - Part 2

This is part 2 of the additional items that go with the Fob a Month - 6 fob that I posted 2 weeks ago. This week I'm giving the pattern for the scissor case. It's got 2 sides to it so there will be no raw edges and you have the option of doing all the dots the same colour or do as I did and do some in the lighter green and some in the darker green. There is one more part to this set: a needle book.
Making this to fit the box was a bit more challenging as it was in my opinion more important to be able to hold the scissors than to make sure it could lie perfectly flat in the box, as a result it needs a little squishing to get the lid closed but I don't mind at all. Made with Aida it's rather stiff but if you made it with linen or lined it with cotton or, if you prefer, felt it would probably be less stiff.

If you wish to make the fob, pincushion and scissor case as a matching set you will need a piece of 18ct Aida or 32ct linen of at least 10" x 15" or 7,5" x 20" - you need to start pretty close to the edge and to one side to make sure you have enough fabric left for the rest. You need a 1/4" seam allowance for each piece so the sections must be stitched at least 1/2" away from each other using the back stitch lines as the counting point.

The scissor case is  3 3/4" square. 68 stitches square.
What you need to make the example above:
  • 1 piece of 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" 18ct Aida or 32ct linen if you are ONLY stitching the scissor case - otherwise see above for the amount needed.
  • DMC 3347, 3348 and 3827
  • One button - I used a 1/2" heart button.

You can download the pdf pattern here: Fob a Month - 6 - Scissor Case
Instructions: Fold the fabric in half before starting, on each side you will stitch one side of the case - remember to keep the embroidery to the side if you are doing the entire set, that little bit left is enough to make one more thing.

Once the cross stitching is done do the back stitch outlines.

Press the completed stitching from the back to make sure there are no creases. Then cut the pieces out 1/4" away from the back stitch lines.

If you want to include a tassel then make it now.

Place the 2 pieces wrong sides together, fold the seam allowances in and whip stitch the sections together, making sure you tuck the tassel between the two sides in the corner opposite to the stitched side of what will be the inside. As you do not need to turn the work or stuff it you can completely close the seam straight away.

Fold the two sides that in the pattern show as being the larger triangles outside the grey triangle towards each other. Whip stitch the sides together from the outside reusing the stitches you used to stitch the 2 sections together, it's not easy to see but you can feel the holes with your needle or use the fabric as a guide. If you do small stitches it won't matter too much if you don't do it through the previous holes.

Put your scissors in the case and fold the case closed then place your button just below the point along the seam line. Hold in it place and take the scissors out of the case. Stitch in place using a colour thread of your choice. Then make a button hole stitch loop, I used only 1 strand of floss for the starting loop but more is perhaps more practical. A nice tutorial showing how to do this can be found here: sewn button loops

Note: If you leave the button off and make a larger loop of ribbon or cord to hang it with you could use it as an ornament in the Christmas tree! Just add some sweets (candy for the USA-ians out there) or a small gift or make it on 14ct Aida or 28ct even weave so it's larger and can hold more.

I hope you enjoy this pattern, please do share a link to yours if you make it!

Next time I will give the pattern for the little needle book, which will then be the last part of this series.


  1. Another great pattern, I love how you used the backstitch pattern yet again :)

  2. Thanks :D The backstitch pattern is due one more use in this set - for the needle book.. but not in the way one might think :)

  3. oooooooooooooo THE TINY little stitched boxes inside the scissor case are wonderful!

    1. Thanks :D The little boxes with backstitching are 3/4" each :)