Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Mystery Project part 4

As you may remember this is where I stopped yesterday. I didn't get so much done as my body was firmly telling me that all the bailing I had done was "A Bad Thing" and shouldn't be repeated. It also made getting up and moving very painful so I didn't move all that much as a result either.
I managed to do some more of the leaves, the snowdrop and most of a lily. You will also notice that I have more colours in the sidelines waiting to be used as all of time continued outside the area the ring was in and I didn't want to cut the thread when all I had to do were a couple more stitches with that colour. With all the greens and creams it would be very easy to confuse them so I have added a little tab to each with the colour symbol so I know which is which.
I'm not so sore today so I hope to be able to get a bit more done.


  1. It is AMAZING how quickly this one is coming together :D I'm glad you aren't feeling so awful today <3

    1. Thanks! It may help remind me that although it feels like I'm not going so fast it's a lot faster than it feels :)

      Thanks <3 I'm certainly not as stiff but I had a load of unpicking to do as I'd grabbed the wrong colour to complete the highest of the two left hand side leaves :/ ah well..