Friday, 19 April 2013

The Mystery Project part 2

Yesterday I showed you the picture above with my progress of the day before. Today I'm back with another update as I got quite a bit done. I had started doing the white at the bottom following the line of the light grey I'd done the day before and then completed the rest of the while of the vase working from there. It wasn't till I started doing the darker grey after completing the while in this section that I noticed that I was one stitch too far too the right on the first 5 lines from the bottom. Fortunately I only had to remove about 50 stitches to sort it out as I could leave most of the white in place.
The weird stitches outside the ring are threads that I still need to continue along with to outside the ring but as I don't want to move the ring yet have just got out of the way for now.


  1. Serious Progress! I really am liking this piece, you are right the flowers are pretty.

  2. Yeah - didn't get as much done today but then I wasn't expecting the rain to cause the sewers to regurgitate up into my kitchen sink and make me bail out the sink for a good 20 minutes by chucking the sewage into my garden with a large bowl to avoid my whole kitchen getting flooded. The clean up was fun too ;)

    Going to see if I can finish at least the bottom half of this today though - see how long my arm holds out hehe.