Finish It In... 2019 Project List

Although I'll be writing monthly posts I thought I'd make an overview page for the projects I am planning to do, I have turned off comments for this page as I don't want people posting here instead of on my blog posts. Most of what you see here will be identical to my first blog post as that is my starting point for the year.

Things I have started and want to finish:

Ornament of the month 2018 - I'd like to at least complete the ones I have stitched so far.

Ornament of the month December 2015: Tanzanite: I need to finish stitching three of these as gifts.

NYE Mystery SAL - I'm still at part twelve so need to finish this.

Once these three goals are met I'll add new ones to the list - I don't want to overwhelm myself and make the list too long, especially considering the list below!

New starts for 2019 (so no pictures yet):
  • Ornament of the Month 2019 - I'd like to stitch them all this year and finish finish them.
  • Mamluk SAL - I'd like to complete this
  • Medieval Owl - I love this so much I want this stitched! 
  • Blackwork SAL- I'd like to complete this too.
  • 50 x 50 - I'd like to be able to stitch at least half of these.
  • 25 x 25 - I'd like to stitch them all.