Friday, 29 December 2017

NYE Mystery SAL

I had a crazy idea and I have no idea if anyone would want to join in but... many moons ago when I quilted I joined in with a NYE Mystery Quilt that would be stitched as a group while waiting for the New year (and for the Americans something for the girls to do while the guys watched football). I thought it might be fun to do this for stitching.
Obviously it won't be very big - just 41 stitches square in fact and it only uses 4 colours - and not too much of each, just 0.1 skein of each but that's the least the program knows to give, so you'd probably be ok with scraps from other projects.

Colour wise you'd need a green and 3 colours you like - think garden.
You need a bit of fabric that's around 5" - 6" - or whatever size you feel is right for 41 stitches.

As for when it starts: that's always the difficult bit because of time zones etc.  I decided to make sure that not only can the people in the USA stitch with me but also the Australians so to make that happen the rest of the world gets to start sooner!

NYE patterns will start at 9 pm CET on December 30th which is 7 am 31st December in Sydney and midday in Los Angeles on the 30th December.

To save myself time - and make it easy for you I am going to send you to look at the World Clock Event Planner page that shows when it starts and your time zone.

From then on I will release a pattern every 3 hours (this will be automatically done while I sleep) and all you need to do is go to the next post with the next pattern when you have done the section you have stitched!

There are 12 parts in total and if I calculated it correctly the last part is given at midnight 1st January LA time!

Of course to make sharing of pictures etc. easy there is a Facebook group! You can find it here: NYE Mystery SAL

I'll see you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled Friday freebie - and perhaps also for the NYE Mystery SAL!


  1. Well, being away for NYE I didn't get to stitch along with all of you, but I really want to stitch it so I'm going to do that as I get to each part while going through my reading list :) Love the idea!

    1. It's a shame you couldn't join in this time but your idea is a great way to stitch it anyway - and spread out the reading of the blog too :D