Friday, 31 January 2014

It's been a while...

So long in fact that many of you who I don't speak to elsewhere may have forgotten me - however here is another of my famous update posts with everything but the kitchen sink in it - but only because it's full of dirty dishes the kids still have to do.

I didn't complete any further embroideries or other projects till the beginning of January when I completed the embroidery in picture above.  The description below is mostly from my Deviant Art submission of the artwork.

The background: When Cookie Clicker did it's Christmas update it had a lot of strange Santa's that you can upgrade to via some more normal Christmas related things and an elf embryo (yes really) and this is the final one called "Final Claus". Of course it was just weird enough to embroider so I did!

I took great care to match the colours from the artwork in the pattern maker (PCStitch 10) while making the pattern but it came out a bit darker than I wanted, however I was able to make it seem a bit lighter with the red border fabric I chose for it.

I really enjoyed making the embroidery it seemed to come alive as I added more stitches and I love how it looks so 3-D due to the shading of the eye.

I hand sewed the border fabric to the embroidery to make sure it was perfectly straight along the weave of the Aida.

Colours: Made with 3 shades of green, 3 shades of red, white and 6 shades of brown DMC
Fabric: 18 ct Aida and Hoffmans quilting fabric from 2006 or so.
Embroidery: 2 1/2 inches/6.35 cm square
Completed piece: 7 1/2"/19.05 cm square

I've also been working on a little something for a friend that hasn't been received yet so I'm not going to talk about it - silly post always being so slow.

 Then I went on to do a lovely dragon which is so wonderful it deserves a post all of it's own so expect another post in an hour or so after I've had a go at making a progression image of all the photo's I took.

 Tusal: I have been good and kept my jars with the threads as time went by but have been less than good about taking photo's of them - As it's dark now I can't take decent photo's of the jars so will have to postpone it till tomorrow.


  1. I love that mutant Santa pattern, it really is awesome! So here I am...waiting for the dragon update.....I'm sorry but I'm impatient!!

  2. I still love your cute little mutant eye...I've gotten back to cookie clicker in the meantme, so I've also seen him for real now ^_^

    1. Thanks :D hehe yeah he's a lot cuter in person.