Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mini biscornu side B and a bit more...

Here is the second side of the biscornu I'm making for another #stitchingpirates challenge over on deviant Art. Fortunately the challenge deadline was extended so I will be able to finish it on time. This was the first time I stitched with DMC silk threads and it was a bit of a learning curve as it behaves differently from normal DMC. As a result making this took a lot longer than usual as the necessity of pulling each stitch *tight*  as I went along was a strain on my right shoulder.

I am happy with the resulting embroidery and am going to start putting it together - I've decided to use purple DMC for the job as the join links red and blue.

Size  2 1/4" / 5,75 cm square
Fabric: 18 ct Aida
Colours used: 712 (cream), 800 (light blue), 798 (medium blue) and 820 (darkest blue)
Total number of cross stitches: 620
Total number of backstitches: 308 

One thing that happened when I was making coffee with my Senseo coffee machine for my bf a few days ago was this:
This is one of the happiest cups of coffee I have ever seen - and I didn't do anything to make it happen!

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  1. Lovely stitching for a biscornu! And wow, that coffee must have been telling you something!! Glad you got a pic!! :)