Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Time flies...

Goodness it's been a while since I last updated this - it's not that I didn't have anything to update it with - it's just that I lacked the time - below are some highlights of what I've been up to in the mean time.. Just images or I'll never catch up lol.

The WCD baking competition:

The 2+ meter strip of brown mini hexagons that I'd put in a jar for a competition elsewhere in early October.

Halloween cookies and mini cupcakes in odd (and not so odd) flavours (melon, cranberry, toffee and peach)

Taco's done our way:

The gift wrapping for oldest's "Sinterklaas suprise" for a class mate (she loved it!) that I made in 3 days flat including sewing the scraps together to make the fabric.

Christmas decorations:

 The Christmas eve bacon quiche:

Last night's dinner - Secret Chicken noodle soup:

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