To make it easier for people to find my current list of WIPs I have made this page specially for the projects I consider to be my works in progress... even if I've set them aside for a moment. This list is in no particular order.  The photo shown is the most recent update photo of the project (or the most recent one I remembered to add lol)

Mike's Mushrooms

This is a "large" and complicated cross stitch project based on a photograph by a really talented Alaskan photographer who was incredibly kind and said I could make a cross stitch of it. The photographer is Mike Gates, go check out his site - his work is amazing!

The pattern was made for me as a prize for winning a competition on dA. It's 10 inches wide  x 14 1/2 inches high = 180 x 261 stitches on 18ct coffee dyed Aida and it uses 147 colours. I am truly intimidated but I did ask for the pattern to be as close to the photo as possible and didn't limit size or colours and I certainly got what I asked for!

Teresa Wentzler's Castle ridge

This was my Christmas present to myself which I started just after midnight on January 1st I did some stitching on it before setting it aside to work on the Ornament of the Month ornaments I made. I bought a kit as I wanted to do this the way Teresa planned. It's 18 ct Antique Aida, 90 x 126 stitches and will be 5" x 7" / 12,7 cm x 17,8 cm when complete. There are only 24 colours of DMC in the kit but Teresa has, as she always does, made that stretch to create 32 colours.

The cutlery sampler

 This is a Lanarte kit I got for myself last November
It will be 6 x 7 3/4"/ 15 cm x 20 cm and is made on a 27 ct (according to the packet) cotton evenweave. So far I have done 2 of 6 pieces of cutlerry and then there is a border - it should have "Forks and Spoons" backstitched at the top and bottom but I don't see me doing that - I am probably going to use the side borders at the top and bottom instead.

The border of the week sampler

In The Netherlands "randje per week"  has become a bit of a thing. It was a SAL where you are given 2 borders a week to add to a long strip of fabric - or a length of edging fabric. It started in 2014 and really took off with a fb group being made and even meets. The 2014 and 2015 patterns were made into books you can buy from the shop linked to the blog. They are continuing this SAL this year (2016) but are doing an alphabet sampler instead of a border sampler.

I will be making my version of the 2015 border sampler on a larger piece of light brown Jobelan, Thread Worx variegated thread 1044, along with DMC colour variations 4045 and 4130 and  some DMC solids to balance it out in the colours 301, 319, 3012 and 3777. My plan is to continue to add sampler type motifs to the embroidery to keep things interesting and add my own stamp to the end result.


  1. I took a look at the actual photo and it seems you really do have quite a bit more to do on the mushrooms which makes me sad!! I thought you only had the four sections but it looks like a bit more ha ha!! You will do it and it will be beautiful and I hope Mike is seeing your work!

    1. Indeed I do - I will make it eventually :) I see this as my large long term project - much like my hexagons :) He has been seeing it - I send him a note on dA every time I complete a section :)